what is the Energy rating of your home?

Now is the time to act. With energy bills at an all time high, improving the energy performance of your property can make a big difference to your energy costs.

Is your home ticking all the boxes?

The energy company obligation or ECO is a government scheme designed to make your property more energy efficient. The scheme is paid for by the energy suppliers as a percentage of their profit. The aim is driven by the energy performance of your property. As you are probably aware, there is a big drive to reducing carbon emissions and an eventual drive to get every Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to a C rating or better, especially in the rental sector. EPC F or G is already illegal for rental purposes, with moves to stage the legislation towards C in the coming years.

You can apply to receive this funding to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

  • An older boiler, for instance, could be costing you up to £470.00 a year in wasted energy costs. (Source Energy Saving Trust, based on fuel prices April 2024)

Let's find out if you qualify for a grant.

There are 3 separate routes to qualifying


  • Income based jobseekers allowance (JSA)

  • Income Related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Income Support (IS)

  • Pension Credit Guarantee

  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)

  • Universal Credit (UC)

  • Housing Benefit (a new benefit making people eligible for ECO4)

  • Pension Credit Savings (another new eligible benefit for ECO4)


Must have the following:

  • EPC Rating D, E, F, or G owner-occupied households (or E-G for privately rented households)

  • household incomes less than £31,000 per year


Someone who permanently resides at the property having an air temperature related illness such as Asthma or they have respiratory related diagnoses, cardiovascular complications, limited mobility, arthritis or are immunosuppressed.

The team at Green Assess will help you understand the whole process and support you through it all the way through from application to installation.

  • Here at Green assess we take care of all the energy surveys required to find out the best package of measures available through the ECO scheme.

  • We liaise with your local authority with regard the application and processing for your grant.

  • We work with only fully approved ECO installers to ensure that not only you receive the right advice and package of measures, but all the guarantees and after service that are required by OFGEM’s guidance.

What measures are available:

Once you have qualified for your ECO grant, the following measures are available:


  • Boilers

    (Non-condensing gas boiler to condensing boiler upgrade)

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    (Off gas properties only)

  • Solar Panels

    (As part of an air source heat pump package)

  • First Time Central Heating


  • Cavity wall insulation

  • Loft insulation

  • Solid wall insulation

  • Room in Roof Insulation


  • Smart thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s)

  • Smart thermostat (control from phone or tablet)

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